The ORAMIX BAR is a Bluetooth Audio Router, that can connect all your bluetooth audio devices into a seamless network and create a new meaning for connection..


Stream Your audio from multiple sources to multiple speakers. Mix them how You want with up to 7 devices. Be they speakers, microphones, headsets, telephones, tablets, PCs or MIDI keyboards, if they’re within 15m* radius, they’re ready to join.


Doesn’t matter where you are or who you are, with ORAMIX BAR audio connection is not a challenge anymore.

Soundtastic? Get it, enjoy all benefits and support a good purpose with your purchase!

Everyone wants to put on a track at the party?

Doesn’t matter if it’s a house party or an outdoor gathering, connect your phones and speakers to the BAR, organize music in the BAR App and listen to your favourites together!

You need to talk to multiple people on the go?

Be a city tour or an exhibition guide, connect your microphone and your tourists’ headsets or bluetooth speakers to the BAR and stream your voice freely while walking!


Work in a beauty salon or a fashion store, connect all your bluetooth speakers to the BAR, manage music in each room together with your customers or individually as you like!

ORAMIX BAR Smartphone App

Manage devices, control the volume and EQ of all channels together or individually, mix your input sources and control music playback from the palm of your hand. Or from all of your palms!

Charge all your mobile devices!

Don’t worry about your batteries, use this gear as a charger hub and keep up the spirit!

Light up your night

Activate the Lantern mode on the BAR to illuminate your surroundings, or just enjoy visuals of the music.


Connection beyond music – it is not just a marketing slogan for us. We do want to use your connection to care about the society. Therefore, after each sold ORAMIX BAR product we support the Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA) with 1 USD.

HLAA provides assistance and resources for people with hearing loss and their families to learn how to adjust to living with hearing loss. They advocate for new technology, medical research and legislation, encourage and participate in research to improve hearing aids, assistive listening devices and other technology needs. They push for research on understanding the causes of hearing loss and for development of new treatments.

We are committed to innovative solutions, therefore with our donation we want to contribute to HLAA’s researches, because we do believe, everybody deserves a soundtastic life.


The BAR is now under construction and we’re searching for testers. If you feel like this is the device you’ve been looking for and want to extend your wireless audio capabilities, jump into our test program!

The selected applicants will receive an ORAMIX BAR device and access to the app to be the first in the limitless music experience. In return we will kindly ask for all feedbacks and usage data for further product development.

And one more benefit for every ‘Be part of it’ participant: the special priced, exclusive black or white BAR will be available firstly only for them.