The ORAMIX B.A.R. is a Bluetooth Audio Router, that can connect all your bluetooth audio devices into a seamless network.


Stream Your audio from multiple sources to multiple speakers. Mix them how You want with up to 7 devices! Speakers, microphones, headsets, telephones, tablets, PCs, MIDI keyboards, you name it! If they’re within 15m* radius, they’re ready to join!

All your friends brought their speakers to camping?

Connect them to the B.A.R., and listen to your favourite music together!

Everyone wants to put on a track at the party?

Connect your phones to the B.A.R., and organize music in the B.A.R. App!

You want to make your own smart-home audio system?

Connect all your bluetooth speakers, your home or mobile devices to the B.A.R., and manage music in each room as you like!

Need to talk to multiple people on the go?

Connect headsets and microphones to the B.A.R., and stream your voice!

Want to make some music with your friends?

Connect your bluetooth gear to the B.A.R., and enjoy creating music together!

ORAMIX B.A.R. Smartphone App



Manage devices, control the volume and EQ of all channels together or individually, mix your input sources and control music playback from the palm of your hand. Or from all of your palms!

Charge all your mobile devices!

Light up your night!

Activate the Lantern mode on the B.A.R., to illuminate your surroundings, or just enjoy visuals of the music.


The B.A.R. is now under construction and we’re searching for hardware and app beta testers! If you feel like this is the device you’ve been looking for and want to extend your wireless audio capabilities, jump into our test program!

The selected applicants will receive an ORAMIX B.A.R. device and access to the application and we’ll collect feedback and usage data for further development of our product. In return the special priced, exclusive black or white B.A.R. will be available for the ‘Be part of it’ participants.