The ORAMIX BAR is a Bluetooth Audio Router, that can connect all your bluetooth audio devices into a seamless network and create a new meaning for connection..


Stream Your audio from multiple sources to multiple speakers. Mix them how You want with up to 7 devices. Be they speakers, microphones, headsets, telephones, tablets, PCs or MIDI keyboards, if they’re within 15m* radius, they’re ready to join.


Doesn’t matter where you are or who you are, with ORAMIX BAR audio connection is not a challenge anymore.

Soundtastic? Get it, enjoy all benefits and support a good purpose with your purchase!

Everyone wants to put on a track at the party?

Doesn’t matter if it’s a house party or an outdoor gathering, connect your phones and speakers to the BAR, organize music in the BAR App and listen to your favourites together!

Are you into smart tech solutions?

Be they speakers, microphones, headsets, phones, tablets, PCs or MIDI keyboards, smart up or connect them with ORAMIX BAR audio hub & app, stream and mix the audio from multiple sources to multiple speakers and enjoy all benefits.

Do you like smart home devices

which make your life convenient?

Controlling the music in each room or watching TV with wireless earbuds
while your loved ones sleeping are just few examples of the BAR benefits.

ORAMIX BAR Smartphone App

Manage devices, control the volume and EQ of all channels together or individually, mix your input sources and control music playback from the palm of your hand. Or from all of your palms!

Charge all your mobile devices!

Don’t worry about your batteries, use this gear as a charger hub and keep up the spirit!

Light up your night

Activate the Lantern mode on the BAR to illuminate your surroundings, or just enjoy visuals of the music.